What is a small seal (small commemorative communication date stamp)? A postmark with an unusual design used in commemorative events!


What kind of postmark is a small seal (small commemorative communication date stamp)?

Let’s take a look at a small seal.

A small seal (kogata-ink) or small commemorative communication date stamp (kogata-kinen-tsushin-nippu-in) is a postmark used for municipal events, exhibitions, and other local commemorative events. It is a postmark with a diameter of 32mm and is stamped with steep-colored ink. Unlike landscape seals, the period of use is limited.

Quoted from “Commemorative seal” on Wikipedia

The point of a small seal is a “commemorative event. When an event is held, a postmark with a design associated with the event is used. Basically, they are used only during the event, so they are considered rare postmarks compared to landscape seals. As with special stamps, you can also see some character postmarks here and there. Characters such as Hatsune Miku, which has not yet been adopted as a design for special stamps, have also been used as small postmarks!

In addition, while landscape stamps and special stamps are 36mm in diameter, small stamps are 32mm in diameter, and as the name implies, they are also somewhat smaller.

In the case of frame stamps, a variety of characters are used on the stamps!

Small stamps are used in conjunction with commemorative events and events that are associated with those events!

How do I get it?

As usual, they can be obtained by stamping at the counter or by postal order (request by mail). It is much easier to obtain than the special seals that you need to apply for by money order, so be sure to collect them!

Look for small marks to be used soon.

If you search for “small stamps,” you will find the Japan Post’s page on small stamps. You can get a postmark if it is within the period of use. (For postal services, it’s best to apply at least a week in advance.

If you find a special seal you are interested in, prepare to apply for a postmark at the counter or by mail.

How to get a postmark at the counter

Please postmark the stamp at the “Opening Location” on the page for small stamps. Basically, they are stamped at the post office, but since small stamps are used in conjunction with events, in some cases they are stamped at a branch office at the event site instead of the post office, so be careful!

Read the instructions carefully and be careful not to make any mistakes.

How to get a postmark from the postal service

Basically, it is the same as a landscape seal. However, unlike a landscape seal, a small seal has a limited period of use, so make sure to send it so that it arrives at the post office within the trial period of the postmark. In some cases, the application deadline is clearly indicated on the page of the small seal.

For small seal mail orders, check the postmark’s usage period!

The following items should be included in the envelope for postal orders

A postage stamp mount (affix a stamp of 52 yen or more and clearly indicate that you want a small seal to be stamped on it)
A return envelope (with a stamp for the return postage attached)

I have the impression that most of the special stamps have a relatively stiff design because they are based on the design of the stamp, but the small stamps have a wide variety of designs and are very interesting! And new small stamps are released every day, so be sure to check them out so you don’t miss out on any great small stamps!