What is a special postmark (special communication date stamp)? A rare postmark with a limited time and limited number of post offices that can stamp it! Be proud of your rare design!


I will explain about special seals (special communication date stamps) in a little more detail, but as briefly as possible.

What kind of postmark is a special seal (special communication date stamp)?

Now, let’s quickly look into special seals.

A special postmark or special communication date stamp is a postmark used when commemorative or special stamps are issued or when commemorative events are held nationwide. It is a postmark with a diameter of 36mm and is stamped with steep-colored ink. There are two types of special stamps: machine stamps (for commemorative stamping machines) and hand-pressed stamps (for hand-pressing).

The point is “the issuance of stamps. Remember that a special postmark is “a postmark used when a commemorative stamp is issued. Since it is used in conjunction with the issuance of a stamp, a postmark close to the design of the stamp is specially created. In other words, the Snoopy postmark is used on the day the Snoopy stamp is issued, and the Pooh postmark is used on the day the Pooh stamp is issued! It is a very cute and rare postmark.

Special stamps will be used in conjunction with the stamp issue, and will be named after the stamp’s design!

How do I get it?

Like landscape stamps, you can get a special stamp at the counter or by postal request, but getting a special stamp is a bit of a hassle… but it’s well worth it as a rare postmark!

Find a special seal that will be used soon.

First, look for stamp information on the Japan Post website and see if there is a postmark you want to get. The top page of the Japan Post website is very difficult to navigate, so a quick search on Google for “new stamp information” will get you there. There you will find a list of stamps that will be issued this year.

If you find a stamp you are interested in, click on it. You will be taken to the page introducing the stamp. At the bottom of this page, in the “Other” section, there is a small note that says, “Click here to learn about the ‘Stamp Service for Postal Services’. Here you will find the design of the special stamp that will be used with the issue of this stamp, and a list of post offices where it will be deployed.

How to get a postmark at the counter

There are only a few post offices in Japan that use special stamps. There are only about 100 post offices listed on the “Imprinting Service for Postal Services” page mentioned earlier. Depending on the type of postmark, only about 10 post offices handle them.

Also, the period of use is very short: only one day or one week.

If you are lucky enough to find a post office near you where you want to use the special postmark, and you can go there on the same day, you can get the postmark at the counter.

If you are lucky enough to find a post office near you and can go there on the same day, you can get the postmark at the counter.

How to get a postmark from the postal service

The postal order is also a bit complicated.

This is because a special seal can only be stamped on stamps issued with the special seal, and you have to buy stamps with money orders in them.

The postal order with a special seal must be paid for with a fixed-amount money order, etc.

The following items should be included in the envelope for the postal order.

  • Stamp mount (make a note of which stamps you want affixed where and with which postmark)
  • Return envelope (with a stamp for the return postage)
  • Money order (regular money order is also acceptable)

Also, there is a deadline for special postmarks. The deadline is two weeks before the date of issue, so be careful!

Although special postmarks are more complicated than landscape postmarks, they are very rare because you cannot get them again if you miss the deadline. I hope you’ll try to collect some of these attractive postmarks!